Spectacular illuminated Jewel crystal mirror by Palme & Walter

€ 1.495,-

Rare set of large Crystal Rose Sconces by Banci Firenze

€ 985,- set

Rare full set of Bagues style crystal and gilt sconces by Banci Firenze

€ 1.245,- set

Large pair of gold plated muranoglass sconces by Peill & Putzler

€ 545,- pair

Petite brass and Murano glass flower flush mount light by E. Palme

€ 365,- per piece

Large Pair of 1970’s Italian gilt Florentine Wall Lights

€ 365,- pair

Large Gilt Florentine Flush Mount Light by Hans Kögl

€ 260,-

Bug Eye Pendant Lamp

€ 315,-

Set of 2 Brass and Muranoglass ‘Shell’ wall sconces by Novaresi Milano

€ 315,- pair

Vintage French Three Tier brass side table by Maison Jansen

€ 345,-

Rare vintage flush mount light by Gaetano Sciolari for Cosack Leuchten

€ 445,-

Murano Glass Teardrop Waterfall Ceiling Lamp attributed to Paolo Venini

€ 295,-

Monumental Gilded Florentine Sconces by Hans Kögl

€ 495,- pair

Pair of Vintage Italian Gilt Florentine Scones

€ 189,- pair

Pair of 1940’s Brass ‘Swan’ wall candlestick holders

€ 105,- pair

Incredible Pair of Vintage Frosted Glass Scones by Hillebrand

€ 375,- pair

Italian Muranoglass “Shell” wall light by Novaresi Milano

€ 185,-

Italian Muranoglass “Shell” wall light by Novaresi Milano

€ 145,-

Pair of Large Antique 1950’s Solid brass Empire Bow wall sconces

€ 220,- pair

bubble glass pendant light by Helena Tynell for Glashutte Limburg,

€ 195,-

Elegant set of 1950’s Italian Wall sconces attribute to Stilnovo

€ 235,- pair

Large Brass and Crystal ‘Triedri’ wall sconces by Novaresi

€ 345,-

‘Cocoon’ Pendant chandelier by Goldkant Leuchten

€ 245,-

Rare and Fabulous 1980’s Cocoon pendant lamp

€ 375,-

Set of two Vintage Rustic Wooden & rush seating stools

€ 165,- set

Set of 3 Brutalist Solid Oak Wood Nesting Tables

€ 285,- set

Set of 2 Brutalist Solid Oak Wood Nesting Tables

€ 175,- pair

Impressive ‘Teardrop’ flush mount light by Christoph Palme

€ 1.145,-

Decorative ‘Pistol’ tray by Piero Fornasetti #3

€ 95,-

Decorative ‘Pistol’ tray by Piero Fornasetti #2

€ 105,-

Decorative ‘Pistol’ tray by Piero Fornasetti #1

€ 95,-

Petit Vintage pendant chandelier by Emil Stejnar for Rupert Nikoll

€ 145,- per piece
5 available

Brutalist Copper And Glass pendant lamps by Nanny Still

€ 165,- per piece
3 available

Large ‘Sputnik’ chandelier by Doria Leuchten

€ 565,-

Set of torch cut ‘Lotus’ wall sconces by Maison Jansen

€ 425,-

Pair of Rough Iron, Mouth Blown glass Brutalist Wall Lamps by Tom Ahlström & Hans Ehrlich

€ 345,- per pair

Italian hand painted Ceramic Leopard

€ 325,-

Italian hand painted Ceramic Leopard

€ 325,-

Large Austrian bubble glass wall light by Franken KG – Kalmar

€ 265,-

Original 1950’s Art Nouveau Brass Serving Tray

€ 65,-

Rare set of gilt and crystal sconces by Maison Bagues

€ 895,- pair

Set of two Italian Gilded Wall Sconces

€ 265,- set

Brass Peacock Table lamp attributed to Willy Daro

€ 185,-

Italian ‘Faux Tusk’ Clock and candlebras

€ 165,- set

Glass ‘Waterfall’ ceiling light by Gaetano Sciolari

€ 225,- each

2 available

Unique Brutalist vintage wall hanging clock

€ 135,-

Gilded ‘Monstera’ Leaf Table Lamp by Hans Kögl

€ 345,-

Pair of polished metal and crystal wall sconces by Kinkeldey

€ 175,-

Stunning Crystal Glass and brass Chandelier by Palwa


Gilt central sconce by Maison Bagues


Chrome wall sconces by Gaetano Sciolari

€145,- each
3 available

Monumental (100cm) Gilt Sconce by Hans Kögl

€ 445,- each

Large splattered glass flush mount light

€145,- each
2 available

Murano glass pendant by Doria Leuchten


Rare set of ‘Callas’ sconces by Hans Kögl

€585,- pair

German Brass and lucite flush mount light


German Brass and lucite flush mount light


Brass & Glass Flush mount light by Glashutte Limburg

€265,- each
4 available

‘Vase Rose’ Table light attr. to Maison Charles


Set of Chrome space age wall lights

€ 135,- set

Amber colored pendant lamp by Glashutte Limburg

€ 195,-

Pair of glass & brass wall sconces by Glashutte Limburg

€ 175,- pair

Italian Florentine Flush Mount Light

€ 225,-